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Sarah Jameson


The Pennsylvania State University, College of Arts and Architecture, 2020

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Focus in Arts Entrepreneurship) 


Extracurricular and Volunteer Experience

IFC / Panhellenic Dance Marathon for Pediatric Cancer (THON) , 2016-2020

Operations Committee (OPP) Member

  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe environment during the weekend-long event

  •  Attended weekly meetings with committee to prepare for THON


Trilogy THON Organization, 2016-2019

Member and Graphics Chair

  • Participated in canning, canvassing, and other fundraisers to raise money for THON

  • Designs and creates all graphics and images used in for the organization 



  • Painting in acrylics, oil, and watercolor 

  • Sculpting & glazing ceramics

  • Life Drawing



  •  Team work, leadership, communication


Center for Arts and Crafts,  Fall 2019

Oil painting instructor for the Penn State Center for Arts and Crafts

  • Prepared and taught weekly oil painting classes for fellow Penn State students and faculty. 


 SACI (Studio Arts College International) Florence, Italy, Spring 2019

Education Abroad program 

  • Advanced by artistic skills in painting, drawing, and ceramics 

  • Expanded my knowledge of contemporary art, art history, and Italian film

  • Gained cultural and historical experience


Commissioned Work,   2015-Present

I have been commissioned to create dozens of custom art pieces for clients.

  • Learned how to collaborate with clients to reach a final product

  • Have completed drawings, paintings, murals, and ceramic works. 


Arts Entrepreneurship, 2017-2020

Through my Arts Entrepreneurship minor, I have learned many valuable skills and lessons about how to become a successful artist.

  • Classes included a mix of formal business classes, and art-focused classes


POPUP Galleries, 2019-Present

Using my knowledge of Arts Entrepreneurship, I created an online arts business, POPUP Galleries. 

  • An online platform that connects artists and venues to host pop-up art galleries. 

  • Created a virtual art gallery and has curated and created dozens of online art exhibitions. 



Clay Cafe, December 2018

  • An undergraduate show held by the Advanced Ceramics course that focused on creating a space for conversation, about the relation of ceramics to everyday life. - work sold


SACI Collaborative Art Show, April 2019

  • A show displaying all of the work done by the SACI class over the course of the

semester. I featured paintings and ceramic work.


HOT, December 2019

  • A group exhibition held in the Humpday Gallery by an Arts Entrepreneurship class.

  • Our class was completely responsible for producing artwork, curating, and promoting the show.


Penn State SOVA Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, February 2020

  • Was selected to show work at the annual juried show at Penn State, curated by visiting artist Sharon Butler.


POSED,  March 2020

  • A solo show displaying a new body of work from my final semester in college 

  • My first solo show that taught me about the process of having an exhibition. 

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